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What is Magnetic Therapy, and what can it do for me?

A natural method, proven to be a safe, effective, economical, and simple to use form of alternative therapy. Magnets have been scientifically proven to enable the body to regain its self-healing electromagnetic balance naturally.

Magnetic Therapy is a non-invasive treatment method with a very high success rate, and has much to offer in both prevention and treatment of chronic ailments. Strong evidence suggests that magnetic therapy may;

  • Relieve pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Restore natural energy
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Promote metabolic processing of toxins
  • Prevent or reverse infection
  • Support and expedite the healing process

Magnetic Therapy utilizes the natural energy of magnetism that is important to human existence and overall health. A magnetic field provides a (natural) way to assist the body’s normal healing processes as it passes through all tissues and cells. Studies show that magnets can be an effective therapy for the relief of pain by blocking pain sensations. Applying magnetic fields to an injured area improves blood flow and oxygen to enhance the body’s natural healing process. The improved blood flow and fluid exchange to the injured tissue helps reduce pain and inflammation, and helps stimulate healing.

Magnetic Therapy, for reasons of simplicity, effectiveness and economy, is becoming an important and viable form of a natural alternative therapy in todays’ market.

Magnetic Therapy has become quite popular and widely used in countries such as Australia, Russia, and many European countries. In Germany, medical insurance covers some of the costs of this therapy. Contemporary western medicine uses magnetic energy for diagnosis with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and as a method to accelerate the healing of bone fractures. Magnetic Therapy is becoming increasingly popular among progressive health care practitioners, chiropractors, veterinarians, and professional athletes, as well as the general Boomer and Senior population. It is a fact that our population is aging and the cost of traditional health care is spiraling upward. While there is still much debate in the medical community as to how, why, and if Magnetic Therapy really works, field research and studies have proven that in most cases, it does work.

Magnetic Therapy has been shown to assist with a variety of maladies that include;
Arthritic Pain ~ Migraines ~ Cramps ~ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ~ Tendonitis ~ Chronic Fatigue ~ Depression ~ Insomnia ~ Hip and/or Leg Pain ~ Back Aches ~ Joint Pain ~ Neuropathy ~ Stiffness ~ Poor Circulation ~ and more.

If you suffer from constant or recurring pain, Magnetic Therapy could be the answer for you, as it has been for countless others. You won’t know until you try. We make it easy for you with our money back guarantee!


  • Magnetic Therapy should never replace treatment from a qualified physician. Any self help is the sole responsibility of the user.
  • Persons with pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted insulin pumps or other electronic medical devices should not use magnetic therapy.
  • Persons should not use magnets within 24 hours of an acute injury or in any other situation where additional blood flow would be harmful. Do not use this product over an open wound.
  • Do not use this product during pregnancy.
  • Do not use on stomach, abdomen area for 90 minutes after meals.
  • Prescription medications may be affected or enhanced while using this therapy ~ consult physician.
  • Magnet products should not be used with transdermal drug delivery patches.
  • Children and/or pets should not play with this product.
  • Magnets should be kept at least 6” away from electronic devices, computers, TVs, video equipment, and tapes.
  • Keep magnets out of direct contact with credit cards and other cards with magnetic strips.

We do not profess or imply any medical claims for the products we sell. Our magnetic products are not sold to cure diseases. Our products are not medical devices, and cannot be relied upon to supply medical benefits and are not a substitute for proper medical care. The purchaser takes full responsibility for safe and proper use for these products and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the supplier and manufacturer from any consumer claims against these products or their ultimate use.