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We offer proven results with compact, affordable magnetic therapy solutions that are easy to wear in the form of jewelry that is...

Attractive by Design!

We use the finest naturally magnetic beads, enhanced with a variety of natural stones, Swarovski crystals, and other components to develop and design a full line of stylish, versatile, and effective magnetic jewelry. Our jewelry products are all hand made, with special given to the quality, workmanship, and detail on each piece.


Attractive by Design Magnetic Therapy uses exclusively beads that are made from MAGNETITE, a naturally occurring magnetic mineral (a form of Lodestone).

These stones are mined in Brazil, as well as parts of Europe and Asia. Unlike magnetic therapy options such as magnetized Hematite or other types of man made magnets, natural magnets hold a charge for several thousand years. Magnetite beads are very effective and consistent in the therapeutic value they deliver.

Many different types of Magnetic Therapy products are readily available and sold in the retail and health and wellness markets every day, such as magnetic ceramic discs that tape on to the body, shoe inserts, even magnetic mattresses to name just a few. It would seem that these products would provide inconsistent or sporadic therapy at best, as it is not always possible or convenient to wear them or have them close to the body.

Our Magnetic Therapy Jewelry products are designed to be worn as much as possible to provide benefit 24 hours a day. Our jewelry is not only effective, but attractive, comfortable, convenient, and affordable.


Some customers have reported feeling an immediate surge in energy and blood flow to the affected area. Depending on your purchase, the typical response time reported by our customers is averaging 24 to 72 hours, though it can take up to a month to feel the cumulative results of this therapy. It depends on the individual. If you do not feel a sufficient benefit, we can recommend a stronger solution. Field research and studies are showing that the majority of people that try magnets for pain relief feel a benefit, while a small percentage feel nothing. You won’t know if it will help you without trying it.


After purchase, we ask you to wear your Magnetic Therapy Jewelry product(s) continuously for 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied with the results, you may return the product(s) for a full refund. With your purchase, you will receive a brochure and written receipt with full details on where to send the product should you desire a refund, or should your jewelry piece need repair.


To keep your magnetite jewelry pieces in top shape, we recommend that you avoid getting them wet. If you do, no harm, no fowl, as long as you dry them completely, especially the clasps. To keep the magnetite beads clean, daily you can use a damp cloth to wipe any smudges, and a twice a month cleaning with any jewelry cleaner will do the trick. Once a month, treat the exposed ends of the clasps with a quick application of Lime Away or CLR, followed by a light coating of WD40 or vegetable oil.

TO RELEASE THE MAGNETIC CLASPS, place a finger under the clasp and gently lift to separate. For larger double or triple strand clasps, twist the clasp to make a cross and lift apart. Avoid pulling on beads ~ This is what will cause your jewelry to break , and the number one reason we receive jewelry for repair.