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Welcome to Attractive By Design's Web Site!

We are a “mom and pop” business, based out of beautiful North Idaho.
We design, develop, and sell what we consider to be some of the most unique, effective and beautiful Magnetic Therapy Jewelry products on the market today.

NOT ALL MAGNETS ARE THE SAME! We work exclusively with Magnetite ~ a natural mineral and the only natural magnet . We combine these beautiful magnet beads with natural stones, Swarovski crystal, Sterling Silver and other components to make therapeutic jewelry that is Attractive by Design!

Our business began because we were exposed to, and experienced the benefit of what this natural black magnet offered us in the area of pain relief.
We truly believe in the therapy that these products can provide, so much so that we guarantee satisfaction, or we refund your money!

We invite you to review the information regarding Magnetic Therapy, Precautions, Our Product and Our Guarantee on this web site, as well as the Design Gallery.

Because each individual is different, we have found that our sales process is usually one of a personal nature with our clients. We know that the success of this product is in part, because of the placement of the application of the jewelry, as well as the cumulative strength of the products that are considered for purchase. We ask you to give us a personal call or e-mail us to expedite your order. Our E-mail address as well as our Toll Free telephone number can be found on each page.

Throughout the year, we participate in fairs, festivals, home shows, golf and motorcycle shows across the Pacific Northwest showcasing our designs and sharing information on this natural alternative to expensive prescription drugs and invasive procedures. Our show schedule is listed on each page as well.

We sincerely hope to see or hear from you soon!

 Vicki & Scott Briscoe
Managing partners